Dev Godha
February 3, 2018
Really need to say that he is THE best doctor I have met. A very important trait a doctor should have is the listening skill. Dr. Rajendra Dabaria has this in abundance.The pre, operation procedure and the past operation went so smooth, I need not worry a lot.Explained me exactly what will need done, and answered all my questions patiently.All in all I can only thank Dr. Rajendra Dabaria for the successful operation.
Ashish Gora
January 4, 2018
I have known Dr. Rajendra Dabaria for last six years and he has been my first choice for any ENT challenges. I had a chronic throat infection which he successfully cured via tonsillectomy. I always get objective advise from him, right treatment and find him very responsive in all situations. He was extremely helpful during my surgery and the two week recovery period and was very patient and helpful in suggesting remedies as I was struggling to cope post surgery.