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Welcome to "Dabaria ENT Clinic, JAIPUR" an initiative by Dr. Rajendra Dabaria

Welcome to 'Dabaria ENT Clinic', an initiative by Dr. Rajendra Dabaria. His experience as an ENT specialist and surgeon in Jaipur helped and understand the challenges faced by urban technology professionals with regard to ENT related health issues. Through the 'Dabaria ENT Clinic', he focuses on the health impact of today's changing lifestyles and on guiding busy professionals to solutions tailor-made for them.

To make the right decision on health and medical treatments requires access to authentic information on all possible options. Everyone deserves to get the treatment that fits their priorities and unique requirements. This has to be backed by experienced professionals with an ethical outlook and access to the best facilities. Beyond providing the right choice of treatment, Dr. Rajendra Dabaria's practice ensures that you are personally guided through every phase of the treatment with best facilities and monitored through your post-treatment phase and beyond. The focus is on a blend of a trusted, personal relationship and indepth experience that delivers results.

Our Services

- Throat and Voice Problems

- Nosebleed (Epistaxis) Treatment

- Ear Micro Surgery

- Eardrum Rupture Treatment

- Myringoplasty

- Adenoid/tonsil surgery

- Reconstruction ear surgery

- Tonsillitis Treatment

- Tonsillectomy

- Nasal Polypectomy

- Ear Drum Repair

- Nasal Septum Surgery

- Nasal Disorders/Ear Surgery


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